Inspirational Risk | About Us
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About Us

IRMS is an enterprise risk, capital and transformational management consulting firm dedicated to providing our clients with advice and solutions individually designed, implemented and supported to meet their unique needs. We also offer inspirational storytelling workshops, training and specialised assistance in embedding effective management measures.

See below how we have helped organisations working with us:

  1. Design, implement and audit effective use of risk frameworks, policies and tools;
  2. Ensure consistent link between organisational, departmental and individual objectives;
  3. Use of risk appetite indicators to validate performance improvement indicators;
  4. Better at managing regulatory risks and compliance;
  5. At least 50% better utilization of risk registers to improve performance outcomes (guaranteed);
  6. Cut wastage or unproductive project times; in some cases by at least 50% or more.
IRMS was formed out of a deep passion and desire to help non risk professionals to enjoy using risk management skills as a decision making tool and improve performance or delivery outcomes 

Our People


Our people come from a variety of professional backgrounds including actuarial, insurance, risk management, management consultancy, financial services, geology, information systems and clinical psychology. Each project we undertake benefits from the wealth of experience our team members bring and draw upon resources across the entire organisation.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!