Inspirational Risk | 6 Questions to Ask Before Voting or Selecting a Candidate
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6 Questions to Ask Before Voting or Selecting a Candidate

6 Questions to Ask Before Voting or Selecting a Candidate

Election years are some of the most important times for communities, states and nations, dominated by the recurring challenge of the fight for votes by different candidates and political parties. Regardless of the political systems or structure in any country, there are key deliverables which I believe must be sacrosanct if true governance and social risks are to be managed properly.

Risk is the effect of uncertainty on an objective (ISO 31000). An election or campaign promise is a promise or guarantee made to the public by a candidate or political party that is trying to win an election[i]. These promises are, in effect, the same as setting key objectives. But how can you decide whose electoral promises are most likely to be kept? I’ve devised a six-question framework to answer just that – to help electorates to make a risk-based decision, gaining an understanding of potential threats and identifying key opportunities each candidate or party is putting forward.

Before you select your next candidate or party, ask yourself the following questions and score each question with the rating below. The risk-based score could predict which candidate or party is most likely to deliver on their promises.

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