Training and knowledge management solutions

As organisations need to continually improve performance in order to be successful, the training and development of staff is a key enabler for business improvement and profit.

Our training approach aims to achieve:

  • Improved efficiency – achieving the same thing at a lower cost
  • Improved effectiveness – achieving improved results at the same cost
  • Improved productivity – achieving better results at lower cost
  • Improved communication – using storying telling, role plays etc.

Bespoke (in-house) management training

In-house courses are an efficient use of staff time and are extremely cost-effective when several members of staff need to be trained. We are happy to tailor our courses to meet your particular needs, or work with you to develop a course just for you. We believe that maximum benefit can be achieved through customising the practical workshop and case-study content of courses for your own organisation or industry sector.

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We also offer a follow-up service where we visit the client site about a month after the training to ascertain whether the action points are being implemented and if additional assistance/coaching is required. This service is offered free of charge with the bespoke training. (See upcoming events and training workshops below)



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